Gossip Girl Season 4 will start in Paris

I think I don’t need to present you the famous serie « Gossip Girl ». Then, if you follow the show, you should be waiting for the 4th season. The first episode will be released on september, 13th 2010, and will tell the wonderfull summer Serena and Blair had in Paris! Oh Mon Dieu -> Oh My [...]


The Silhouette festival 2010

Short films are as old as the cinematographic industry. Short films are not to be reduced to an experimental field for longer feature films, they are as rich and original and interesting as feature films, as well as appealing to the general public. Unfortunately, short films are often considered as entertainement for intellectuals. The association [...]

Internet and technology

Organize your trip to paris with France.fr

Officially launched on 14 July 2010, the France.fr site is the multilingual reference portal for all the resources and services of the French public Internet. It also aims to promote the image, values and specific characteristics of France around the world. France.fr offers a content rich in news, practical information and services divided into 6 central [...]

Paris Sightseeing

Video : Paris by night

I found this charming little HD video on Youtube this morning : Paris by Night :) I want to share it with you :

Paris Sightseeing

Paris from the Sky!

I found this video, and the first thing I thought about was sharing it with you! I live in Paris since I was born, and I was amazed by this video, so you should be too? Put it in HD and full screen, then… fly! :p (but only for 15 minutes!) Paris vu du Ciel [...]